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Turkish Airlines' unrivaled catering service is here to meet the requirements of passengers who request special meal services for health, religious, or ethical reasons, and for infants and children.

Special meal options
Food type Explanation
Asian vegetarian meal (AVML) Does not contain meat or meat derivatives, including poultry, animal fat, eggs, or fish. Contains some or all of: dairy products, pulses, vegetables, dried fruit and nuts rich in iron and calcium.
Hindu meal (HNML)*
Does not contain beef, veal, pork, or raw or smoked fish products. Contains some or all of: lamb, poultry, fish, dairy products, and curried and spiced foods.
Raw vegetarian meal (RVML) Does not contain caffeine, processed food additives, or preservatives. Contains some or all of: raw fruit, raw vegetables, and fresh fruit juice.
Baby meal (BBML) Does not contain meat with bones, spicy foods, wheat, gluten, fish, eggs, acidic fruit, pork, or beef. Contains some or all of: fruit, vegetables, meat puree, and dessert.
Kosher meal (KSML) Prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary requirements and traditions.
Seafood meal (SFML) Contains fish and seafood prepared using local recipes.
Bland meal (BLML) Does not include spices, black or red pepper, gas-producing vegetables like cauliflower and zucchini, caffeine, or fried foods. Served with caffeine-free tea or coffee.
Low calorie meal (LCML) Does not contain fried, fatty, or sugary food, or sauces and dressings. Contains some or all of: lean meat and dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, and sweeteners.
Vegan meal (VGML) Does not contain animal products (meat and meat derivatives such as honey, eggs, dairy products, fish, poultry, lard). Contains some or all of: high-protein foods like lentils, tofu, beans, vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruit, and nuts rich in iron and calcium.
Child meal (CHML) Does not contain fish or meat with bones, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, spicy foods, dressings or sauces, or hard candy. Contains some or all of: grated carrots, cheese, crackers, finger food, fresh fruit, and fruit juice.
Low fat food (LFML) Does not contain fried or oily food, cream- and cheese-based sauces, egg yolk and offal, seafood, fish roe, processed foods, or additives. Contains some or all of: lean meat, skinned poultry, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread, and low-fat dairy products, dressings, or sauces.
Vegetarian jain meal (VJML) Does not contain poultry, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, root vegetables, or vegetables from the onion family. Contains some or all of: fruit, vegetables, spices, tofu, pulses, rice, and grains.
Diabetic meal (DBML) Does not include fried food. Contains some or all of: fat-free meat and dairy products, skinned poultry, fish or other seafood products, vegetables, fruit, whole grain bread, and other grains.
Low sodium meal (LSML) Does not contain salted or smoked foods, anchovies, olives, processed cheese, baking products such as self-rising flour and baking powder, bouillon, orfood prepared with dressings or sauces. Contains some or all of: salt-free margarine, low-salt breakfast products, low salt cheese, garlic, onion, and celery.
Vegetarian lacto-ovo meal (VLML) Does not contain meat and meat derivatives, fish, poultry, or lard. Contains some or all of: high protein dairy products, eggs, vegetarian cheese, and vegetables, fruit, and legumes rich in iron and calcium.
Fruit meal (FPML) Does not contain preservatives or additives. Contains fresh fruit or sulfite-free dried fruit.
Vegetarian oriental meal (VOML) Does not contain meat, poultry, fish, seafood, egg, or dairy products. Contains fruit, vegetables, and spices.
Gluten-free meal (GFML) Does not contain wheat, wheat flour, fish roe, oats, barley, pasta, bread, breadsticks, pastry, cakes, crisp breads containing gluten, cream, meat-flavored additives, dried fruit or nuts, malt products, or chocolate containing gluten. Contains some or all of: fresh fruit and vegetables, puffed rice, gluten-free crisp bread, soy milk, potatoes, soy and rice flour, dairy products, sago, and oil.
No lactose meal (NLML) Does not contain milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, ice cream, butter, biscuits, cakes, creamed or breaded vegetables or meat, crepes, instant soups, instant coffee, chocolate, or bread containing dairy products. Contains some or all of: meat, poultry, fresh vegetables, lactose-free fruit, milk-substitute soy drinks, and non-dairy coffee creamer.
*Non-vegetarian meal that does not include beef
All food served on Turkish Airlines flights is halal and prepared according to Islamic dietary requirements.
Passengers who would like to request a special meal must notify us at least 24 hours before their flight. Passengers with food allergies must specify their meal requirements with a doctor’s note. Passengers who have nut allergies can be assured that no nut products are allowed on the aircraft.
There are some differences on the menus served to passengers in Economy and Business Class. Dining on board >>

Special Meals